Disney are releasing the Te Reo Māori version of 'Coco' next month

Disney are releasing a Te Reo Māori version of 'Coco' next month

Just in time for Matariki!

Coco Reo Māori is the fourth Disney movie that's getting adapted into Te Reo Māori. 

The adaptation is being locally produced in Aotearoa by Matewa Media, the company that ventured into releasing Disney movies like Moana, The Lion King and Frozen in Te Reo Māori. The next Disney movie that they're working on is Encanto.

Matewa Media has released the 16 actors that have been chosen, and there are some familiar faces and voices. 

Musician and actor Troy Kingi will voice Héctor, and renowned actress and director Rachel House will voice Miguel's beloved great-grandma Mamá Coco. 

The Director/ producer herself Tweedie Waititi will be one of the aunties - Tía Victoria.

There are three returning actors from The Lion King and Frozen Reo Māori. Justin Rogers will play Ernesto de la Cruz, Arihia Cassidy is Tía Rosita and Rutene Spooner voices three different roles including Miguel's late great-grandfather - Papá Julio.

Matewa Waititi, Taika Waititi's daughter will play as Baby Coco. 

Mānuera Mānihera makes his debut as the voice of aspiring musician Miguel. 

Check out who plays who in Coco Reo Māori :

  • Mānuera Mānihera - Miguel
  • Kuini Moehau-Reedy - Abuelita 
  • Troy Kingi - Héctor
  • Naomi Herewini-Houia - Mamá Imelda
  • Justin Rogers - Ernesto de la Cruz
  • Rachel House - Mamá Coco 
  • Roimata Fox - Frida Kahlo
  • Rutene Spooner - Papá Julio, Clerk, Gustavo, Tío Berto
  • Waimhi Hotere - Emcee & Cecilia
  • Te Rongopai Channings - Papá
  • Cilla Ruha - Mamá
  • Ngarimu Parata - Plaza Mariachi
  • Ngātarawāhi Fairhall - Tío Oscar, Tío Felipe, Chicharrón
  • Arihia Cassidy - Tía Rosita
  • Tweedie Waititi - Tía Victoria
  • Matewa Waititi - Baby Coco

"Coco Reo Māori is a celebration of Te Reo o Te Tai Rāwhiti, drawing on its specific and unique mita (dialect) to bring the story into Te Ao Māori" Matewa Media wrote on their website.

"Lookout for all the Ngāti ‘saysay’ (idioms). Coco Reo Māori is all about whānau, it celebrates all the matriarchal and Te Ao Wairua elements evident in our cultures,” says Tweedie Waititi. 

“Working on Coco Reo Māori has been incredibly special. It’s been beautiful to discover how our cultures are similar in the way we honour and value our loved ones.” -Producers Chelsea Winstanley & Mia Henry-Teirney said.

Coco Reo Māori will be in the cinemas from 13 July, just in time for Matariki!