Shaun Johnson’s post-match chat after the Warriors comeback win is one of the all time best

Shaun Johnson’s post-match chat after the Warriors comeback win is one of the all time best

“We said some funny sh** at halftime, bro."

The Warriors’ Shaun Johnson is absolutely buzzing about their comeback win to the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks yesterday describing it as “off its head’. 

Our Kiwi boys managed to scrape the win with a 32-30 final score - and they sure as heck put in the hard yards to get it done.

In a post-match interview with Fox Sports, Johnstone explained that the determination to push themselves to take the win came from a halftime chat about “funny sh**” and mentioned that they collectively agreed how great it would be to tell the story of the triumph to their future grandkids.

“Ah bro, that was off its head. We spoke about it at halftime, like, ‘Do we actually believe we can go out there and do it?’,” Shaun explained about their struggle to see a victory, being down 12-26 at the time.

“We said some funny s... at halftime, bro. ‘What a story it would be, we’ll tell our grandkids about this one day. Let’s go out and have a crack.”

After coming through with three tries, three successful conversions as well as a penalty in the second half of the match, the boys managed to pull off a great comeback.


“We’re so resilient bro, I love being part of it. It’s just such a good feeling.”


Shaun went on to explain that he admires the resiliency of his teammates.

Although he admits “there’s so much to like, so much to not like,” Shaun admits he believes his team is “a good side” and he’s “stoked” to have come out with the win. 

Many fans showed their support for the Warriors, with many complimenting their ability to reset their minds during the halftime period.

Our resident NRL superfan Stan from the Mai office said: "Been a fan for 25 years and that was easily in the top 3 performances from the lads, there is something different about this Wah's side. SJ wound back the clock to 2011 with his performance, tears were building up watching him speak about the pride he has for the Wahs. After 20 minutes you had the feeling we were in for a long afternoon, but the lads showed a fight that they hadn't shown before. All aboard, tickets please the Wahs train is building up steam!" 

Another proud supporter wrote: “What an awesome level of belief - a wicked way to mentally reset at halftime, and go to work against all odds. A proud asf day for all Warriors supporters."

“Best game of the season so far. Well done to the warriors and great to see Shaun Johnson back doing what he does best." said a third.

“Belief, resilience and trust in your teammates, that’s what I saw today, an amazing game. The boys are getting more and more confident every game. Proud supporters today!” a fourth fan echoed.