Classic Kiwi Corn Chips CCs are returning to Aotearoa shelves

Classic Kiwi Corn Chips CC's are returning to Aotearoa shelves

CCs are you riding? Cause I want ya...

Drake once said: “CCs, do you love me? Are you riding? … ‘Cause I want ya, and I need ya,” and now he’ll be stoked because the iconic Kiwi corn chips he was definitely singing about are returning to shelves (I know he said ‘KiKi’ not ‘CCs’ but just be cool, okay?). 

Bluebird’s CCs will be available to munch on come May 15th. In 2010 they were cut from shelves and briefly made an appearance in 2019, and are returning for a limited time this year to celebrate Bluebird’s 70th birthday. 

Bags of the 'Tasty Cheese' flavoured good stuff - complete with their iconic catchphrase ‘only CC’s ees tasting like thees’ - will be available for sale in some dairies and petrol stations, the NZ Herald reports. 

Natalie Johnson, Bluebird’s senior brand manager, knows that CC’s never lost the love of New Zealanders despite their decade-long absence from the snack table. 

“Bluebird has been a part of Kiwi’s lives for the past 70 years and CC’s still hold a special place in many of our hearts – and bellies,” she said. “We’re incredibly proud to bring back this cult classic as part of this year’s 70th birthday celebrations.”

I won’t lie, I completely forgot about CC's existence until I saw a photo of the packaging while writing this story. Then, boom. My mind was awash with all the memories of those tasty chippies, whose uniqueness lay in their gritty, thicker texture. 

Flavour dust was also abundant on these chips if my memory serves me correctly, making my Xbox 360 and Wii controllers into an ant’s wet dream after I devoured a whole bag after getting back from primary school on a Friday. 

Bluebird did not disclose just how long they will make CC’s available, so you’ll have to make the most of them while they are with us, a lesson our old friend Drake surely learnt the hard way.