Ardie Savea reacts to Bart Simpson roasting Wellington Rugby in latest 'Simpsons' episode

Ardie Savea reacts to Bart Simpson roasting Wellington Rugby in latest 'Simpsons' episode

Move over NRL refs vs Warriors, now it's Bart vs Hurricanes

Ardie Savea has reacted to the now viral clip of Bart Simpson calling out Wellington Rugby. 

In the latest episode of ‘The Simpsons’, the family is stuck in lockdown thanks to a plague of insects swarming the town. Stuck inside, Bart somehow gets involved with crypto betting, which eventually leads him to bet on ‘New Zealand Rules Rugby’ late into the night. 

“Whatever rugby is, Wellington sucks at it,” Bart says after what I assumed to be some failed multis. 

Ardie’s national team, the All Blacks, posted it to their official TikTok account where it’s racked up 470,000 views and 56.5k likes, but Ardie hadn’t seen it until Newshub showed him yesterday.

The loose forward instantly reminded El Barto that the Welly regional team recently conquered the National Provincial Championship (NPC). 

“Did he just say Wellington sucks?” Savea asked. “We’re the champs man. That is pretty cool though."

It is a bit strange that it’s Wellington that got the roasting treatment considering their success in the NPC tournament and the fact they’re (the Hurricanes) not even the worst NZ team in Super Rugby, that would be the Highlanders, who represent Dunedin/Southland. 

I reckon the only reason it was Wellington catching a stray and not the Highlanders is because the world would not be ready for a battle between Dunners’ breathers and Bart Simpson. Matt Groening has spared us all. 

Bart could also be referencing the Wellington’s Hurricanes shock loss to Fijian Drua this past weekend, which would be quick work from the Simpson’s writers. 

Talking of the loss, Ardie shared some wise words on the mindset he has when it comes to the ‘pressure’ of bouncing back from a negative performance. 

"We talk about pressure all the time, and for me personally, I feel like we overdo it in rugby terms,”  he told Newshub. We always talk about pressure, but we have to embrace it and walk towards it.”

“The more you talk about something, the more it burdens you. I don't like talking about pressure, because pressure is the people out on the streets, pressure is what's going on in our world. We're just playing a game of footy in the scheme of things."