Fella from Paeroa gives the most crack-up interview at Super Rugby game

Fella from Paeroa gives the most crack-up interview at Super Rugby game

Can't stop laughing about the way he answered "how do you like your fish and chips?"

Super Rugby fans rocked up to support the three-day Super Round event at Melbourne’s AAMI Stadium, but it was one Kiwi who stood out from the rest of the crowd.

In an Instagram clip that has since gone viral, one Kiwi fella joined Sky Sport’s reporter Joe wheeler for a quick chat and a few laughs.

Joe asks the man whereabouts in New Zealand he is from before mistaking Porirua or Paeroa.

Of course, with Paeroa being most known for their iconic L&P fizzy, Joe buzzed about the greatness contained within the brown bottle.

“Paeroa, oh L&P,” Joe said with excitement before the man responded: “Oh cuz, you know where it is!”

The two then burst out in a fit of laughter.

Of course, with Joe being a Kiwi himself he recognises the staple combo of L&P with a feed of fish and chips.

The big question of the night was finally asked: “How do you like your fish and chips?”

Are you ready for the answer….?


When I say I’ve never cracked up so hard in my life, I genuinely nearly fell out of my chair watching this.

I’m not the only one either, cause many fans of the viral clip took to the comment section to share how great they thought the man’s response was.

“Kiwis make my day better all the time,” wrote one international fan.

“Such a New Zealand kinda conversation,” wrote another about our laid-back approach.

A third joked: “To be fair, the stupid question got a stupid answer. Lol, what were you expecting him to answer? “Medium rare?”

I mean, they’re not wrong, but I’m appreciative of the laugh nonetheless! All for more of these two together say “aye”.