WATCH: Cop stacks it but still catches runaway in a crack-up South Auckland foot-chase

WATCH: Cop stacks it but still catches runaway in a crack-up South Auckland foot-chase

Not the best effort from either party.

An on-foot police chase is making the rounds online thanks to multiple crack-up moments happening and the chase interrupting a rugby practice.

Posted to TikTok by @jstshuuuushhh, the 18-second clip starts with a police officer tripping up and face-planting into the grass. As a touch team watches, mere seconds later one of the people running from the just gives up, standing still to accept his arrested fate. 

“The uso really thought if he’d stop running everything will be 💯,” the caption says before chucking in the hashtags “#UsoNeededSomeNewLungs” and “#FreeTheUsos”. 

Since it was posted three days ago, the video has gained over 15,000 likes and just over 290,000 views. Comments on the TikTok were just as funny, if not funnier, than the actual video. 

“You never stop running USO 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️court case immediately,” reads one comment, giving out free legal advice. 

“Bro in the white did the right thing! It’s not worth it being on the run forever,” another commenter said, offering some alternative advice. 

“The mans just wanted to show y’all how to try in the tag tournaments 😂💀😭,” another person wrote. 

“Imagine getting a head start, them falling over, and still catching yo ass,” one more said.

“Unluggy uce, too many pies,” a third added, giving out diet advice. 

According to Newshub, the chase began because the cops found the chasees in a stolen vehicle near Kohoura Park in Papatoetoe.

“Both occupants initially fled on foot from our staff through the park but were soon taken into custody,” a police spokesperson said. 

The flee-ers were referred to Youth Aid once they were caught. 

Last year police officers in South Auckland went viral after they were caught dressing up as window washers on the side of a busy street in an attempt to catch drivers on their phones. Police released a statement saying the dress-up was “not appropriate”.