Check out this 'Mad dude' who took an e-scooter for a whirl over Auckland's Harbour Bridge

Check out this 'Mad dude' who took an e-scooter for a whirl over Auckland's Harbour Bridge

That's one bold and brave move!

One “mad dude” switched up his usual commute and took a lovely e-scooter ride across Auckland’s Harbour Bridge on Monday morning.

In a clip posted to TikTok by user @bradtiktok9000, the man is seen following a bus on his electric scooter - luckily he took the safety measures of wearing his helmet, ’cause that motorway is notorious for a few quick lane changes.

Note: The activity displayed in this TikTok video could result in you or others getting hurt. I don’t think I should have to tell you, but please do not try this yourself!

"What a mad, mad, mad, dude," the man who filmed the video can be heard saying. 

Some commenters thought the brave trip across the bridge was “not a problem” with some calling him a “smart lad”.

Others thought it was “very dangerous” and the lad should be fined.

Of course, the police weren't impressed with the bold move and his ride came to an end moments after the video above. 

“Around 9.20 am on Monday 9 January, Police received a report of a male riding an electric scooter on the Northern Motorway, near Northcote Point,” Senior Sergeant Scott Cunningham of Tāmaki Makaurau Road Policing told Newshub.

He continued: "Police located the male near the corner of Esmond and Barrys Point Roads, Takapuna.

"We are disappointed to see these types of dangerous acts as depicted in this video for the sake of a social media trend and would ask that this not be replicated."

"He was spoken to by Police and given a formal written traffic warning for being a pedestrian on the motorway,” the Sergeant added. 

At the end of the day, riding an e-scooter on a high-speed motorway is never a good idea and the police were lucky to have kept the man safe by taking him off the roads. 

Maybe swap that e-scooter out and get an e-car instead? I’ve heard a Prius is a good option.