KFC has launched a brand new 'Zinger Crunch Burger' and we got to try it

KFC has launched a brand new 'Zinger Crunch Burger' and we got to try it

It actually slaps.

KFC may have just done the impossible by making something perfect even better - they improved the Zinger Burger. 

The fast food chain has released the ‘Zinger Crunch Burger’ and it’s genuinely a mean feed. It’s like the classic Zinger burger, but with a spicy cheese sauce and some corn chips, which sounds outrageous but trust me, it’s good. 

Kfry says all the new flavours in the burger are fresh and suited to summer, and that it’s not going to be here forever. So, if you want to give it a go, get it while you can from pretty much anywhere in the country.

“Exploding with new fresh flavours, including a Zinger Fillet, Chessy Jalapeno sauce, Corn Chips, Cheese, and Crunchy Southern Slaw, it’s the Finger Lickin’ fresh taste of Summer!” they said in a press release. 

“The Zinger Crunch burger is here for a good time, not a long time, available at KFC stores nationwide except for Auckland International Airport Terminal.”

We got sent some of the new burgers and they got wolfed down straight away. No word of a lie I reckon they’re better than the original Zinger burger and might just be my go to for the forseeable future. 

We're also pretty sure that no one licked the burgers which is always a plus. Just last week a bunch of Aussie KFC workers filmed themselves messing around with the food (but that definitely just seems like an Australia thing so we'll be fine). 

It’s a very Aotearoa thing to chuck some chips in a sandwich, so I can’t believe no one had thought of sliding some chips into a zinger burger before KFC had but I’m bloody grateful it’s a thing because it SLAPS. 

Now I gotta pray that Maccas drop the Big Mac burger with chicken nuggets AND fries already in it and I’ll be eating GOOD this summer.