Fame and Tylie try KFC's Hot & Spicy chicken
Mai Home Run
Mai Home Run

Fame & Tylie *almost* try KFC's new Carolina Reaper sauce

These two were missing a key ingredient but Fame still managed to sweat.
26 August 2022 6:40PM

So Fame and Tylie were super excited to get their hands on KFC's new Xtra Hot and Spicy Carolina Reaper chicken, and things didn't go exactly to plan.

Thinking that the chicken arrived already at full spice level - the actual chicken did arrive slightly spicier than usual - the Mai Home Run tucked in expecting their tastebuds to be completely blown off.

Turns out, you need to actually put the Carolina Reaper sauce that comes witht he order on for yourself to pair with the Hot and Spicy chicken - a key step that was unfortunately missed.

But don't worry, that didn't stop Fame from breaking a literal sweat just from the chicken. No sauce required. Check out the video below!