‘Get paid to walk and meet people’: Buttabean reckons Kiwis should work as census collectors

‘Get paid to walk and meet people’: Buttabean reckons Kiwis should work as census collectors

He knows a thing or two about helping the community...

Dave ‘Buttabean’ Letele is encouraging Kiwis to work as census collectors because it will help not only the individual, but also the wider community, and future generations.

The 2022 New Zealand Local Hero of the Year reckons being a census worker is an awesome way to get fit and involved with the world around you, all while getting paid. 

“Think of it as a 5 to 10 week challenge where you’re getting paid to walk and meet new people, how awesome is that!” he says.

Letele listed some more reasons why Kiwis should get their census working on. According to him, you’ll be able to: “learn about the community you live in and meet your neighbours, improve lives today and for generations to come, and help ensure your community receives adequate funding for services such as schools, hospitals, transport, etc.”

You can visit the webiste for more details and to apply here. They don't mention how much you'll get paid, but there are a few other benefits such as Kiwisaver contributions, allowances, and paid training. 

March of 2023 is when the next census will take place and, as Dave mentioned above, it’s a fixed-term gig just over the summer months. 

Wendy Hewson, the general manager of PERSOLKELLY (which hires and manages census workers) agrees with Letele and how important the census is to ensure your community has what it needs to thrive. 

“At the end of the day, being counted in the census could be the difference between getting the resources you, your family, your friends, or your neighbours need - or not,” she said. 

“Think of a six-month-old baby, if that child isn’t counted in the census it can’t be factored into the planning of schools, healthcare, playgrounds, and more in its community for the next five years - that’s a long time to not be counted and represented in the data informing decisions about your community,” she finished. 

Dave knows a thing or two about helping people out. He runs a free foodbank under the Buttabean label which saw an outpour of support from the community after it was robbed. Read more about that above.