Balenciaga's new 'destroyed' sneakers are retailing for nearly $3000

Headlines 12/05/2022

We know the world of fashion can be an interesting place, but we weren't expecting this - Balenciaga's new sneakers cost nearly $3000, and they fully look like our shoes did after losing a game of bullrush at school. 

The limited-edition 'Paris Sneaker' is shredded up, smudged and dirty-looking with Balenciaga written on the side in what honestly looks like Sharpie. 

There are only 100 pairs up for grabs so you'd better get in there, fam. They're priced at USD$1,850 each, which comes out at just under $3k in New Zealand dollars. 

Balenciaga shoes

The shoes that are being sold (pictured above) are not quite as trashed as the ones photographed for the ad campaign - but man, those images really got people talking on social media. 

Some reckoned the shoes must be a joke or a social experiment, while others said anyone who shelled out the cash for them should "seek help". 

"Please reach out to me because I would like to understand where your mind was at in that moment," one Twitter user said. 

"Alright, this is the worst sneaker I’ve seen today…  Balenciaga has to be trollin'," wrote another. 

Can't really see us adding these to our collection, ay.