WATCH: "White Guy" shocks people at the Otara markets by speaking Samoan fluently

Headlines 16/03/2020

For those of us who come from non-English-speaking ethnic backgrounds, hearing your own language being spoken is a special feeling, even if you don't understand it yourself!

It becomes extra special when you hear it from an unexpected place, as a recently released video shows.

Torrell Tafa (from the Cougar Boys), recently dropped a video showing a Palagi friend (Jeremy Hawkins aka Palagi Boi) of his wandering around the Otara markets speaking Samoan to anyone that would listen.

Naturally, this leaves a lot of people shook, as it's not everyday you see someone outside of your culture speaking your language so fluently.

Shout out to the uso for putting in the mahi and learning the language, a lesson all of us could learn from!