WATCH: Group of young Auckland boys ride 'human motorbike' to order from Burger King drive-thru

Headlines 08/10/2019

Three Aucklanders have gone viral for their cheeky example of Kiwi ingenuity.

A video shared to Facebook shows Auckland residents Mack Parima, Junior Parima and Christian Tangianau creating a 'human motorbike', complete with sound effects, to order a small raspberry soft drink from the Burger King drive-thru in Papatoetoe. The amused staff serve the unconventional customers without hesitation. 

The video has already amassed more than 110,000 views and almost 600 comments since it was uploaded on Sunday night.

"The best things in life is to live it up [sic]," Parima captioned the video.

The stunt has proved popular on social media, with hundreds of viewers finding the drive-thru hack hilarious and creative.

"Why did we not think of this all those times we wanted to go through the drive-thru but they declined?" one user asked his friend in the comments.

Parima has issued an apology via Facebook to the staff who were caught on camera, writing: "To the staff that's working at BK, I am so sorry... this wasn't meant to go viral."

According to Parima's Facebook, the staff shown in the clip were reprimanded with a warning for serving the group, breaching the company's strict health and safety policy.

Newshub have reached out to Burger King for comment.

Credit to Newshub.