WATCH: The children of Ihumātao send a powerful message to Jacinda Ardern pleading for her help

Headlines 25/07/2019

Just two days after being served an eviction notice, the Ihumātao protectors are still locked in a tense albeit peaceful stand-off with police.

Hundreds of people now occupy the area, and the wider community has come together to support the local iwi and mana whenua in their fight to protect the land that was originally stolen from them all those years ago.

Food stalls have been set up to keep the occupants fed, and waiata and haka echo around the grounds as the crowd looks to dig their heels in for as long as it takes for change to happen.

And now the organisation who put the event together, Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL), have released a video/open letter with a direct message for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The video features the children of Ihumātao, who are pleading for Jacinda Ardern's help in their up-hill battle to reclaim the land that was originally stolen from them.

We had the opportunity to talk to Jacinda yesterday, although she was not able to offer any viable solution or offer any help to mana whenua. Check out the full interview up top.

If you want to learn more about Ihumātao and what you can do to help, click HERE to go to their website. And make sure to share and like the original video attached above so that support can grow for this cause, because it matters, and because it effects all of us.