You told us the most brutal ways you were dumped and how y'all recovered from these is amazing
Own The Feels
Own The Feels

You told us the most brutal ways you were dumped and how y'all recovered from these is amazing

Taking notes from you guys on how to boss through a breakup.

I gotta be real with you guys, when I've gone through heartbreak in the past, one thing I've craved (apart from junk food) is stories of other people's brutal breakups. 

This is NOT because I enjoy the suffering of others - I'm not that much of a sad guy. I just found it very comforting to hear about people who went through hell and back emotionally, and not only survived, but THRIVED. 

A reminder that you're not alone can be so important when you're down in the dumps (yeeep, that's a bad pun) and you can also pick up some tips on how to cope. 

We asked you guys for some of your breakup shockers on Instagram, and ooosh: 

"My bf cheated with my best friend. I joined a gym, started a new job and focused on my whānau."

"My ex started dating someone with the same name as me. I glowed-up and never looked back." 

"They said they weren't allowed to have a girlfriend and then his missus ended up messaging me - I just laughed!" 

Doing new things for yourself and meeting new people? Knowing your self-worth and glowing up? Finding the funny side? All good stuff for getting through the hard times. 

And if that's not enough for you, there have been some hella high profile breakups that have been sooo savage. 

Pete Davidson broke up with Cazzie David via text message, and she found out he was dating Ariana Grande the next day…on Instagram. 

Blac Chyna got a tattoo of Future's name on her hand, meanwhile he tweeted that he was "single and focusing on what makes me happy". 

Blac Chyna got Future's name tattooed on her hand

Iggy Azalea caught her fiance Nick Young with other women in the couple's shared house - then to add a cherry on top, she saw in the news that he was expecting a second child with his ex. 

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young

Jason Derulo broke up with Jordin Sparks over the phone because he was "out of town". 

Kris Humphries didn't know his wife Kim Kardashian was filing for divorce until he read about it in the media. 

What's the common theme here? Social media! Another reason to be careful who and what you follow when you're healing from a broken heart. A social media detox can be a really good idea, as well as going 'no contact' with your ex for a while.