Why getting blocked by your ex is the best
Own The Feels
Own The Feels

Why Getting Blocked By Your Ex Is For The Best

Turns out it's an actual win!

Imagine it's a Sunday night - the kind of rainy Sunday you'd usually spend watching a movie and scoffing a feed with your significant other - except you're now broken up. 

You're wondering what they're up to…are they sad? Have they moved on? Do they still make those yum nachos you liked so much? 

You've been so good lately, muting them on Insta so you don't see their stories and you haven't stalked their TikTok for ages. Surely a little look wouldn't hurt? 

Then suddenly, it hits you - 'user not found'. That's right, you've been blocked. Owch, that's gotta hurt. 

You probably feel gutted about this, and you might even start to panic - social media can feel like the last way you can keep tabs on your ex, and if they've shut that door, things REALLY must be over. 

It's totally understandable that you might wanna throw your phone in the toilet - but before you do, let us tell you: This is actually a good thing. 

Kiwi TikToker 'Breakups with Connor' puts it pretty well when he explains that there's three really good reasons why being blocked by your ex is actually a win:

#1. It's the ultimate form of flattery - If they didn't care about you, they wouldn't have to take that step. It shows they're trying to stop thinking about you, just like you are with them. 

#2. It stops you making poor decisions - you can't send a spur of the moment story reply if you're blocked, and you can't accidentally like one of their photos, exposing yourself. 

#3. It speeds up the healing process - without the option to check in on your ex all the time, you're free to focus on yourself, work through your feelings without external distractions and rebuilding your own life. Maybe you can work on perfecting your own nacho recipe? 

It's gonna feel a bit yucky for a while, but you'll soon find you're way happier living your own life than you are watching somebody else's, and the truth is, you probably ain't missing much over on their page.