People are documenting their breakups on TikTok and it's inspiring and relatable AF
Own The Feels
Own The Feels

People are documenting their breakups on TikTok and it's inspiring and relatable AF

You've gotta give them props for being so real.

Social media can be a nasty place when you're going through a breakup. 

There's the temptation to stalk your ex's Insta, there's loved-up posts from other 'happy' couples and generally people looking like they're living their best lives while you're feeling low.  

That's three reasons straight off the bat to have a detox from scrolling while you're trying to heal, but there is one TikTok trend that could be a reason to come back.

Heaps of Tiktokers have started sharing the process of breaking up and getting themselves back together on social media, and it's pretty dope how vulnerable they're being. 

One user called Wolf vlogged his breakup day by day after the end of a 4 year relationship. 

"Getting up and going to work was hard, but it got better" he captioned one clip, while in another, he said: "Friends make you realise that a romantic relationship doesn't have to be the most important form of love in your life." Straight FACTS from Wolf. 

Hannah shared the moments right after her breakup while sitting in her car, reminding herself "even though it hurts now it won't hurt forever…I will heal." 

This one is an awesome reminder of the power of support from friends and whānau .

Renee's little bro came in clutch when he saw her crying over a breakup, telling her: "You're amazing, you're talented, you're smart and you're beautiful" before giving her a massive hug. 

And this one might just be my fave - short and bittersweet, one of the best before and afters ever! Daria filmed herself 2 hours after the end of her 4 ½ year relationship, and then 5 months on. Let's just say, the differences speak for themselves. 

"If you're going through a break up, don't forget: It may not feel like this now, but you will get through it - I promise. things will get better. Remember that you're not alone in this," she captioned her post. 

And that's the best part about this trend, I reckon  - it can remind you that you're not alone, and that so many people in your position have overcome the pain of a broken heart and been even better for it. 

Plus, how good to see that not everything on social media has to be all shiny and perfect, eh? 

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