Kiwi NRL player Kevin Proctor sacked from Titans for halftime vaping video

Kiwi NRL player Kevin Proctor sacked from Titans for halftime vaping video

Imagine you're losing at halftime and the homie next to you is blowing O's

The Gold Coast Titans have released Kevin Proctor, a Kiwi and their former captain, for having a halftime vape in the toilet while his team was losing this past weekend.

He posted a video of him having a hoon in what looks like a cubicle to his Instagram story as his team was down 26 - 10 at halftime.

He captioned the story: “Not the half time vape” and it shows him inhaling the smoke and then shaking his head. 

Proctor, who has played in 282 NRL games over his 14-year career, actually broke two rules: the first was obviously vaping, while the second was having his phone inside the team’s locker room. 

We're shaking our heads too, man.

The Titans released a short statement on the matter. 

“The Gold Coast Titans have sanctioned Kevin Proctor after being made aware of an incident during yesterday’s round 19 fixture against the Bulldogs,” it read. 

“Proctor has also been released from his commitments with the Club for the remainder of the year and will not return to train or play with the squad.”

“His actions were in breach of both NRL and Stadium regulations.”

Proctor was not playing in the game but was on the reserves list and hadn’t played a game since May due to an injury. We're guessing since he brought the vape to the game he knew he wasn't gonna play. 

Proctor said in a statement that he is ashamed of what he did and wishes the team all the best in the future. 

“I am embarrassed with regards to my actions,” the Kiwi said in a statement to Courier Mail.  

“I would like to thank the Titans for their understanding and acknowledging my personal situation. I wish Justin [Titan’s coach] and my teammates all the very best for the rest of the year.”

Chriss Orr, Proctor’s manager, also told Courier Mail that the league player has been dealing with some personal issues which may have led to the lapse in judgement. 

“Kevin is dealing with some difficult issues surrounding the breakdown of his marriage and ongoing injuries,” he said.