Kiwi baker creates incredibly realistic cake that looks exactly like Bluebird chips and dip

Headlines 18/05/2022

There's few Kiwi snacks that are more classic and iconic than the ol' Bluebird chips and dip, but one keen Kiwi baker has taken that snack to a whole new level but turning it into a cake.

And we're not talking about a chip and dip flavoured cake, we're talking about a whole ass cake that looks exactly like a bag of chips and dip.

The award winning baker, 'Sweet Little Treat - Cakes by Karin' posted up the photo of her incredible creation to Facebook, with many commenting about how realistic the chips look.

Even the bowl that the dip is sitting in is a cake, really showing how no detail was glossed over whatsoever.

If it tastes anywhere near as good as it looks, it might just give the REAL chips and dip a run for its money.