11-year-old girl gets a rare interview from Kendrick Lamar, and it’s wholesome as

11-year-old girl gets a rare interview from Kendrick Lamar, and it’s wholesome as

The girl, Jazzy World TV, has interviewed some of the biggest names in rap, and always kills it

An 11-year-old girl talked with Kendrick Lamar in one of his first interviews in months, after the rapper’s set at Rolling Loud festival a couple of days ago. 

Jazlhyn Guera, AKA Jazzy’s World TV, managed to grab the ‘Mr Morale and the Big Steppers’ rapper after he came off stage, still wearing his diamond-encrusted thorn crown. 

The good vibes are radiating throughout the video as Jazzy gives Kendrick his praises and the artist returns the favour.

Check it out below. 

Jazzy first asked Kendrick about what it’s like seeing people get emotional while listening to his music, talking about a recent viral video of a security guard, named Devyn Sanford, at one of Kendrick’s recent concerts wiping tears and rapping along to his song ‘LOVE’. 

“It’s really just about the feeling of it at the end of the day,” said K-Dot. “Past all the politics, past all the numbers, it’s what music makes you feel, how it makes you feel.”

“At the end of the day, that’s how you want everybody to receive your music. Make ‘em feel good, make ‘em feel a moment they’re attached to, it can live forever."

The confident, charismatic, Jazzy - who has interviewed the likes of Jay-Z, 50-Cent, J-ColeNas, Shaq, and plenty more - also asked K-Dot what part of his legacy he wants to be remembered most for. 

“Really just the impact to inspire people,” he replied. “Always showing them the duality of life is not such a bad thing.”

“We go through so many volatile situations where we don’t really know how to connect or communicate how we feel," he continued.

"So through my music I wanna make sure that’s the legacy - showing people … it’s okay if you’re not perfect, it’s about accepting the beauty of imperfection.” 

Sheeesh, Kendrick is really that guy.

Jazzy then shares words of wisdom herself. 

To top off the wholesome interview, Kendrick tells Jazzy that she is wise and an inspiration to him. 

Faaar out what an awesome interview - shoutout to Jazzy for killing it at a young age and getting some incredible answers out of one of the biggest artists of our generation.