Three-year-old with autism raps Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’ word for word in adorable video

Headlines 14/07/2022

A seriously cute video of a three-year-old kid with autism is circulating online due to him nailing a verse from Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama’.

The video shows the boy iced up with a ring-pop while the classic instrumental is played through a speaker.

He wastes no time getting into it, starting from the top of the song and going all the way through without missing a beat. 

Spit those bars, kid!

It seems like the original video was posted back in 2019, but recently a shortened version of the video is going viral, showing him only one part of a verse instead of the whole song, which doesn't give him the full credit he deserves. 

Comments on both the original and the resurfaced vid are full of love - which is great to see. 

A couple of people got in their feels watching the clip. One commenter said they got  “choked up,” while another said they were “emotional” as they also have a kid with autism.

Other people say the video is a testament to the greatness of Tupac and his impact on hip-hop, which is hard to argue against. 

Someone who did argue against Tupac’s greatness recently was T-Pain, who said that Pac’s lyricism wouldn’t stand out today. 

Full respect to the kid for doing something a lot of grown adults couldn’t do, and also shout out to the parents for showing their kids some classic hip-hop.