The Mai Lock Box with Unitec


The Mai Lock Box is packed full of prizes and ready to be opened.. We just need YOU to crack the code and win!

We’ve joined forces with the whānau at Unitec to bring the Mai Lock Box to life. Sitting in the Mai studio, we’ve got a custom lock box FILLED with prizes such as phones, laptops, speakers, headphones, vouchers and a whole lot more - it’s the ultimate Study Starter Pack thanks to Unitec.

If you wanna win BIG, then keep Mai locked. Every day at 7, 8, 10 and 11AM, and 1, 2, 4 and 5PM we’re giving you a chance to crack the four digit code!

If you can guess your way in then we’ll hook you up. BUT make sure you’re
listening and keeping an eye out below for fresh clues from the Lock Box Professor!

The Mai Lock Box, with Unitec. Semester Two enrolments are open, with over 100 courses to choose from. Find your thing at Unitec. Click here to join the Unitec whānau.

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Incorrect Guesses:

1995, 3079, 2021, 2412, 1137, 1080, 0235, 0102, 0325, 8328, 9399, 9426, 1929, 5335, 6321, 0285, 4328, 3406, 5959, 9420, 0317, 3186, 0356


Bell Peppers, NFR, Borderlands 2, Scorpion, The Last Knight

Previous Correct Guess:

2409, 9177

Clue Meanings: