Cars forced to swerve to avoid 'drifter' on Christchurch road

Vids 07/06/2017

Video has emerged of a car drifting on a road near Christchurch, forcing other cars to swerve or pull over to avoid a collision.

The video posted to RFB Zealand's Facebook page on Tuesday shows the car drifting on West Coast Rd which is a part of State Highway 73.

The unidentified white car can be seen pulling out of Hasketts Rd, sliding into a drift before the car slides completely over to the other side of the road.

Around 100m down the road the white car can be seen swerving back on to the wrong side of the road, forcing an oncoming car to pull over to avoid a crash.

The video had been viewed more than 46,000 times in less than two hours before it was removed by the page.

Police have seen the video and have been contacted for comment.