Jhené Aikoc Covers Tupac’s ‘Keep Ya Head Up’

Vids 17/06/2016

Watch Jhene Aiko cover Tupac's classic 'Keep Yah Head Up' for Rap Up Sessions.

“If I’m feelin’ sad I’ll put on ‘Keep Ya Head Up,’ but if I’m feelin’ like I just wanna have fun or if it’s a nice summer day, I’ll put on ‘I Get Around.'”

Jhene grew up listening to Pac “I think he’s a global icon for speaking your mind, being controversial, and just having something to say in your music,” she told Rap-Up TV. “He had it all—the look, the music, and he really stood for something. Even if you just wanna make the world happy or make ’em dance, it should be for a reason and not just for personal gain, and I think he really took responsibility for that. He knew the power in music.”