Straight up answers for when life sucks

Sponsored 16/02/2020

Life is difficult, in fact sometimes it just straight-up sucks. 

There’s no need to sugar coat it, but there’s also no need to feel like you’re doing this alone. The Lowdown has so many resources and techniques to help you get through those tough times, with real advice from real people with real problems. 

Even our Mai announcers need help sometimes, so check out their advice and stories about struggling with some of the things life throws at you down below. 

Tegan: “Sometimes life just feels a bit ‘meh’ and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Just know it’s ok to feel like that! Take a step back, breath, do something that makes you feel better! Maybe go for a run, or just switch off your phone for a bit? That’s my routine, look after number 1.

Fame: “Being picked on can be the worst feeling ever! I was picked on quite a bit in high school. Luckily, I had a couple of people who I considered my close friends. Having them there really helped through that tough time. They helped me realise that I WASN'T the problem.

Alex:  “I know for a lot of us studying is super stressful. When I studied back in high school and Uni I would often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and overworked. No matter what happens, failing does not make you a failure it just means you get another shot to try again.” 

K’Lee:  “I remember that feeling of being lost, anxious, or stressed...Please know you're not alone, talk to your friends and whanau - it's ok to ask for help or advice... If you’re too whakama to talk to them then talk to the awesome crew at The lowdown.”

Nickson: “Breaking up with somebody or having your heart broken sucks. Having people you can talk to or being the person who checks in on their friends is something that’s priceless. Just know that you can make your way back to happiness and that even though it hurts now, that pain will subside and you’ll have your groove back in no time.” 

This article was produced by Mai FM in association with The Lowdown. If you’re stuck feeling down or bad they’ll help you figure out what’s going on and find the answers to get unstuck.