Nickson, Tegan, Jordan and Producer Ryan audition to be the new Milkybar "Kidult"

Mai Morning Crew 20/07/2020

Remember the Milkybar Kid and his iconic catchphrase, "the Milkybars are on me"? Surrrrrrely you do.

That ad came out in 1991 seemingly every single person in the world knows what it is and where it came from.

However, Nestle (the owner of the choc bar) must think it's getting a little old and stale now, and are seeking to remake the ad - but not with another kid, but with a "kidult" - that is, an adult that is still a kid.

Yeah. Okie then.

Nickson, Tegan and Jordan got Nestle's Head of Marketing, Fraser Shrimpton, on the phone to put their skillz to the test. Maybe the Milkybar Kidult is one of them??