We asked Warriors legends Monty Betham and Ruben Wiki if it’s okay to call them ‘The Wahs'
Mai Home Run
Mai Home Run

We asked Warriors legends Monty Betham and Ruben Wiki if it’s okay to call them ‘The Wahs'

NZ Warrior fans are divided when it comes to 'The Wahs'
28 April 2023 2:12PM

The Warriors are having one of their most successful seasons ever #itsouryear. We're gonna be doing a lot more cheering for them over the next few months.

Former NRL player Willie Mason brought up a point on how NZ Warriors should not be called 'the Wahs' which led to Warriors fans being divided on this topic. 

Lucky for you, Mai Home Run called up a couple of NZ rugby league legends and got to the bottom of it...

Ruben Wiki revealed how he was confused himself about how 'up the 'Wahs' came about after noticing it 2 weeks ago.

"I've just heard this recently over the last two weeks, 'up the Wahs'. Where did it actually come from? " Ruben said. 

"Up the Warriors - I think they're just running out of breath to actually say the whole word or what".

Randy asked if there were any nicknames when he was playing for Warriors or even before the new 'Wahs' era.

To which he replied, 'It was just the Warriors - the full word with passion you know. And I think the next generation has kinda shortened it up and changed it to Wahs".

"Up the Warriors has got more punch," Ruben said.

After this conversation, it seems like Ruben might not be so keen on 'Up the Wahs'. 

The next legend that chatted with Mai Home Run regarding this is the one and only Monty Bethem. 

Sharing his thoughts on the 'Wahs', he said:

"Actually it's funny you bring the topic up because I've seen it on social media Willie Mason was coming out and he didn't like it. We've seen his disapproval".

"Even in the Warriors headquarters where I was there this morning this subject popped up as well and it was mixed reviews" Monty revealed.

 Part of me goes like I don't if I like 'Wahs'. I like Warriors because it gives a bit of gut. 'Wahs' sounds like you're sort of crying. Wa--a-h-s.

Talking to Randy and Tylie about his thoughts on this season and the boys, he said he's really proud of the team.

"I'm liking what we see. The Warriors, not the Wahs are going good. But if you like the Wahs man, you can support the Wahs or the Warriors just as long as you turn up and back them" Monthy 

So there you go whānau, the answer is you can cheer for the Wahs or the Warriors as long as you give your full support and back them like Monty said.