MHR - Melodownz Kava Chat
MHR - Melodownz Kava Chat
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Melodownz opens up about losing family, mental health and setting an example over a cup of Kava

Melodownz and Fame caught up over a cup of Kava ahead of the release of his new album.
1 November 2022 5:11PM

Ahead of the release of his new album 'Lone Wolf', Fame caught up with iconic Kiwi rapper from Avondale, MELODOWNZ. 

You may have already seen Melodownz's series 'Kava Corner', where he chats to legendary kiwi names like John Campbell, KJ Apa, Benee, Scribe, Chlöe Swarbrick, Paddy Gower, and more over a cup of Kava.

If you haven't heard of Kava before, it is an authentic traditional beverage from the Pacific Islands, made from the extract of the Piper methysticum plant.

The bro kindly brought some down to share while we chatted about life and death, his new album, working with his idols, mental health and more. 

They discussed his new album 'LONE WOLF', which saw him travel to Los Angeles to collaborate with artists like Denzel Curry, and Bootsy Collins, among many other impressive names. 

From growing up in Avondale to working with HUGE artists like Denzel Curry in LA, MELODOWNZ is out making us hella proud. 

"I started out rapping in the garage drinking Cody's" he said, reflecting on how things started for him. 

"It's cool to be able to go over to LA and work with my idols" he explained. 

We're bloody proud of you bro! 

He also spoke about his journey to produce the album and the eventful few months beforehand, explaining he welcomed his first daughter only a few days after the passing of his Aunty, who he explained was like a 'second mother' to him. 

He explained about how it was a spiritual time for him, while he was welcoming a new life and saying goodbye to one at the same time. 

He also revealed that his daughter was born at the exact same time his Aunty passed away, only three days later. 

"It was a signal from the universe, some kind of synchronicity happened"

This led to the discussion of mental health and how he struggled mentally while working on the final elements of his album. 

"When you have a high in your life, there's always a low that follows," he said.

Couldn't be more true my guy. 

"There aren't enough resources for young men and women to speak up and say I'm not okay" 

He explained that after losing a few friends to suicide, music became an outlet for him to express the way he was feeling, which he said was like therapy. 

Melodownz, you're a bloody legend and we have mad respect for you after opening up about such personal and difficult topics! 

Watch the full chat above and follow Melodownz's journey here.