What Fame would look like with Creed lead singer Scott Stapp's hair
Mai Home Run
Mai Home Run

Fame and Tylie give us their best Creed impressions

Not being sas but Tylie's impression needs a lot of work.
26 August 2022 7:11PM

These impressions will taaaake you higher.

Honestly still not sure why this happened but Fame took it upon himself to confess his love for rock band Creed and their lead singer Scott Stapp.

This led to a karaoke session of their big hit 'With Arms Wide Open', with Fame, Tylie and listeners getting involved.

Their versions left Web-Guy Neeks literally on the floor of the producer booth, while Tylie could barely get hers out. Luckily some of the listeners bailed the Home Run out with some actual singing - check out Creed from Wish below.