Fame explains why his best mate should tag along his honeymoon in the future

Mai Home Run 11/06/2019

Dani and Fame were talking about weddings and honeymoon when Fame asked Dani what she would do if all of a sudden her partner's best mate came through and asked if he/she could tag along in the honeymoon.

Dani reckons it would be weird because it's supposed to be a special experience between her and her partner. But Fame reckons otherwise. He said:

My best mate's been there throughout everything so saying it now (hypothetical situation)...honeymoon, it's a big transition in my life, yeah I'm going to spend it with my wife but if I could also celebrate it with my best mates there...I'll be like LESSSSGO!

Goodluck finding a partner who would be okay with this. ๐Ÿ˜‚