Where's New Zealand's BEST pie?

Mai Home Run 07/03/2018

A survey was done in the UK to find their favourite pie and the steak and ale pie won.

So to settle the argument we wanted to know where we could find the BEST PIE in New Zealand.

Vote here (it may take a few seconds to load): 

Fame decided to find out where he could get the best Mince and Cheese pie on-air and everyone had their own opinion: 

Symonds Street Love a pie and there's an absolute goddess that will serve you!!

The best pies and bakery is the wagon wheel in Morrinsville it’s cheap and amazing! Chur fame!

This shop in papakura not sure what street its on but there M&C pies are fire

MY BAKERY - Glen Innes East Auckland

Mince and Cheese Pie...Waitangirua Mall Bakery, Porirua!