Fame and Dani share the same fantasy for hot teachers

Mai Home Run 14/02/2019

Dani had a list of the most desirable professions to date and was reading it to Fame:

3rd place: teachers
2nd place: engineers
1st place: desntists

Then Fame made a wee comment about teachers and how he thought about them as 'fantasies': 

Teacher = fantasies.

Dani and Producer Brock a.k.a. Pretty Eyes looked at each other in shock about what Fame just said. But Fame was quick to explain himself and then asked Dani if she's ever had the same fantasy before or if she's ever imagined her partner dressing up as a hot teacher too. Dani replied:

Well..Yeah. But I didn't just say it like how you said it!

Okay then. At least she's being honest.😂