Battle of the Sexes - Cooking Edition

Mai Home Run 09/04/2019

For today's Battle of the Sexes - Cooking Edition, Dani's question was:

How do you fix a soup that is too salty? A) just add water. B) add pepper to contrast. C) add potatoes.

Repping the boys team, Ricky, jumped the gun and answered 'flour' (before Dani even finished giving them the multiple choices! He answered wrong. So Dani gave Christina (repping the girls) a chance to answer and she picked A) just add water --she reckons this was the correct answer because you dilute the salt when you add water to the soup. It's true but it wasn't the correct answer.

Ricky tried again and went with C) add potatoes--he reckons the yeast in the potatoes would counter the salt in the soup. *dingding!*

He's not wrong!