Deach talks new single 'Slow Motion' with Mai Home Run

Bachelor NZ 28/06/2017

SONG: Slow Motion

ARTISTS: Deach ft. PT

Veteran MC, DJ and performer Deach (Smashproof) returns after a long hiatus, having had a baby and set up a successful fitness business. He recruits long-time collaborator PT (Pieter T) for a track that doesn’t disappoint, ‘Slow Motion’. The song illuminates the feeling of when you find someone very attractive, and it’s even more enhanced when time slows down. Over the past 15 years Deach has rocked crowds and entertained audiences around New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. Deach has built a very strong solo career with his unique fusion of Hip-Hop and Reggae that has spawned hits such as ‘Be With You’, 'Tell No Lie’ and ‘Love To Love You’. Deach's music is based in Hip-Hop and R&B, but also has a distinctive Polynesian flavour which is enjoyed throughout the Pacific.