Dani, Fame, Charlotte & Bear go head-to-head in beer pong

Mai Home Run 10/04/2017

Charlotte & Bear from MTV's Just Tattoo Of Us came to visit Dani & Fame at Mai HQ, and Dani & Fame put them through their paces by challenging them to multiple challenges, with the loser of the challenges getting a tattoo of each other on their butts.

Beer pong was the first challenge that Charlotte and Bear were up for and it's fair to say the winner of this challenge was pretty stoked to be one step away from getting a tattoo...

While Dani, Fame, Charlotte & Bear did have fun playing this game, they made sure that some of the cups contained water rather than beer and they want to remind you always remember to drink responsibly.

Just Tattoo Of Us screens Tuesdays at 9.30pm on MTV (Sky channel 015).