Mana Wahine chat with K
Mana Wahine chat with K
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Mai Days

Mai getting behind Mana Wāhine Aotearoa

K'Lee sits down with Veeshayne Patuwai to chat all things Mana Wāhine
6 November 2023 8:00AM

Mai is proud to get behind the biggest network of wahine Māori…Mana Wāhine Aotearoa.

A supportive community of like-minded wāhine that learn through matauranga maori and tikanga, using their gifts to help all women thrive!


Q. Is it just for wahine Māori?

A. Nope, it's for all women and any age group can participate. 

Q. Is this for 18+?

A. It's for all ages, any age group can participate. 

Q. Who is this for?

A. For anyone who wants to be empowered, who wants to be part of a network, a community where the woman's voice, our world view our experience are mapped out. 

Q. . Is it all online classes/wananga?

Nope sometimes it's in person too, and there have been heaps of requests for more of these classes, so keep an eye out for that if you're interested.

Q. How much is this course?

A. $0. It's completely free!

Q. How can you sign up?

A. Check out their Instagram or Facebook page, so you can access the form to sign up. 

Mana wahine - feel seen, heard and understood! Join the movement HERE!