"We just really need to ask for help" - K'Lee dedicates emotional DWTS performance for lost loved ones

Vids 13/05/2019

We couldn't have more love for this woman if we tried.

After a tough and emotional week, K'Lee took to the DWTS floor to do the Rumba. But this week was extra special, not only because she sung and recorded the song herself, but also because her dance fell on Mother's Day.

One of K'Lee's close friends had a daughter who sadly took her own life.

The tears and emotions overcame K'Lee after she finished her performance, and when asked what it meant to her this is what she had to say.

The hurt and the pain that people go through when they lose their loved ones, it's real, and we can all help - we just really need to ask for help.

Asking for help doesn't make you weak, it makes you smart.

Where to find help and support: