Aotearoa Hip Hop Podcast - Episode 2

It’s the mid 80’s in Aotearoa, amidst a racially tense time on the streets Upper Hutt Posse form, setting the bar for the new sound of New Zealand rap & hip hop.

Later in the decade, UHP with D-Word, DLT, MC Wiya and more release E-TU, the first commercially released NZ hip hop song, and blow the nation's mind.

1988 see’s one of the first international hip hop concerts happen in Auckland, Run DMC, which becomes a formative event in New Zealand Hip hop. Che Fu, DLT, D-Word, DJ Tee Pee, DJ Raw, Rhys B, our host DJ Sir-Vere, and many more key members of the Aotearoa Hip Hop scene attended.

From left, DJ Run, D.M.C, DLT, Rhys B, DJ TeePee, D-Word.

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