Aotearoa Hip Hop Podcast - Episode 1

Aotearoa, the early 80’s… In our first episode a new sound called hip hop starts making its way to our shores through imported mixtapes and movies like beat street.

NZ Hip Hop legend DJ Teepee
DJ Teepee in action. photo: Rhys B Collection

We meet the unsung hero of NZ Hip Hop DJ Teepee, who revolutionises the Wellington club scene, so much so, Stevie Wonder requests to see him when he’s in town.

Listen to a set from DJ Teepee live from exchequers.

Radio shows Uncut Funk & The Land of the Good Groove hit the airwaves inspiring future stars like Che Fu, and new hip hop crews begin to spring up across Aotearoa.

Plus… Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe, before gladiator, started out as a rock singer, Russ Le Roq who ran all ages clubs in Symonds Street. 

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