Bad infection left former NRL star Fuifui Moimoi fighting for his life

Pics 18/04/2016

Former Parramatta Eels NRL player Fuifui Moimoi is lucky to be alive after spending two weeks in Intensive care.

Moimoi currently plays for Leigh Centurions in the English Championship, and told The Daily Telegraph he was getting ready to go to training and felt weak, so decided to stay at home and sleep. When he woke up the next day a friend had to rush him to see the club doctor as he couldn't stand up or lift up one of his arms, which had also swelled up.

The club's owner Derek Beaumont said the team doctor saw Moimoi and sent him straight to the hospital. Moimoi's body was shutting down due to an infection.

'When he went into hospital his temperature was 41.7 and his heart rate was 130 while he was laid down relaxed,'

'He had some kind of infection in his arm, which was spreading throughout his body and causing a lot of pain, but thankfully we stopped all of that.'

Beaumont said Moimoi is still weak and has lost about 15kg but is getting better.

'The main thing is he is okay, because the doctors said because he waited so long to get help it would have taken a lesser man out.'

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