Biggest cannabis dealer in Colorado is a farmer from the Waikato

Pics 05/01/2016

Meet John Lord, the former Kiwi Dairy farmer who is now one of the biggest drug dealers in the US and friends with Snoop Dogg.

It all started back in 1998 when he made the big move from Te Aroha to the US. John initially manufactured and sold baby products, but sold that business in 2008. Now he sells in excess of $80 million worth of cannabis annually.

John Leaf is the chief executive of Livwell - the largest marijuana dealer in Colorado, one of a few US states that have legalised cannabis.

With over 500 staff members and 20 retail stores, John Lord sells 35 strains of marijuana, topical cannabis creams (typically used for aches and pains) and oils.

John Lord has also just signed a massive deal with Snoop Dogg to put out a line of cannabis called Leafs by Snoop.

In an Interview with Stuff, John spoke on the deal saying:

"Snoop Dogg's business managers approached us because we are the largest manufacturer in Colorado."

"Snoop came for a visit to the plant and he, too, was suitably impressed. It was a great meeting. He's actually a really intelligent guy. He's perhaps not quite what you would think from his music - well articulated and a good businessman."