Mikey Dam - Life Feels Good

Backyard Beats 19/10/2021

Following the millions of streams from his last two singles, ‘Time’, and ‘Would You’, New Zealand raised Mikey Dam has returned with an infectious new single, ‘Life Feels Good’.

Where ‘Would You’ and ‘Time’ were moving, melancholic musings on his childhood and journey with mental health, ‘Life Feels Good’ finds Mikey looking at the world through a positive lens on his most light, blissed-out, and upbeat song to date, arriving just in time for the New Zealand summer. Written at the start of the year at his brother's house during a trip back to his small Palmerston North hometown, the new song is a full circle account of growth and overcoming, as Mikey reflects on all he’s manifested and prioritises being present in the moment.

With its hook offering positive affirmations like, “I say f*** it, might as well just go chase my dreams,” and “you ain’t living until you be who you wanna be,” on ‘Life Feels Good’ Mikey speaks to a renewed perspective and lust for life. His raspy vocals lean more toward a hip-hop cadence than previous releases, capturing the light n laidback spirit of the song over sultry guitar plucks while head-bopping pop melodies give the song even more infectious charm. The single arrives alongside a visualizer trip down memory lane into Mikey’s most sentimental memories, panning through nostalgic scenes from the musician's childhood to the present relayed on a vintage VCR screen.

“The idea for the song was to show my friends who come from a small town, and might not believe in themselves, that they can do it too. They all saw where I was, and see where I am now - and to never let one’s surroundings limit you,” Mikey details.

“For the video, I didn't want to do anything that felt expensive. I wanted it to feel like small-town-kid-vibes. Everyone that's in the video is either from Palmy, or friends I built in Auckland who just understand me. I went digging through the archives to find the videos, and some of them go back to 2008. I wanted all those memories to come back.”

While he has a penchant for penning sincere, sobering stories, ‘Life Feels Good’ proves Mikey Dam as an all-around songwriting wunderkind. As he continues to work towards his debut EP, the new single ‘Life Feels Good’ offers another new facet to the rising artist’s versatile pop and hip-hop infused R&B.