Jess B - From Tha Jump

Backyard Beats 27/10/2021

Today, one of New Zealand’s most prominent hip-hop figures, JessB shares her new single “From Tha Jump.” Accompanied with a bold visual by Jodo Valley Productions featuring her collection of mini me’s, this track follows up on a string of remixes throughout 2021 as well as Jess’ revered 2020 EP, 3 Nights in Amsterdam.

Igniting the track JessB glides over the resounding bounce of hard hitting 808s, emanating nothing but a clear-cut confidence as she rhymes on staying true to her roots, fully manifesting into the artist she strived to become from the outset of her career. The visual shows pyro-technics, drifting cars, and her posse of “mini me’s” surrounding Jess, matching her fiery verses and unsparing delivery. Her knowledge of her place in hip-hop drips with bravado as she utters the words, “greatness in the making baby do not interrupt.”

JessB on the track, “From Tha Jump’ is about staying true to the person you were from the beginning. Everyone changes as they grow and experience different parts of life, & the concept behind the song + the video by having “mini me’s” was reflecting on how little Jess would feel about where we managed to get to so far in music. I think she would be pretty stoked.”