L.A.B. - Why Oh Why

Backyard Beats 10/02/2021

L.A.B return with their new album, L.A.B IV. A model of consistency, the new release is their fourth in as many years, and follows on from the biggest year for L.A.B to date. Featuring the Number One single ‘Why Oh Why’, the album shows an act continuing to prove themselves as one of NZ’s hardest-working groups.

The 12 tracks on L.A.B IV showcase the styles that have grown to be the L.A.B sound - reggae, funk, soul & blues effortlessly combining. ‘My Brother’, ‘Yes I Do’ & ‘Operator’ all embrace a 70’s funk/soul sound, accentuated by strings composed & performed by frequent-collaborators The Black Quartet. ‘Yes I Do’ & ‘Boy King’ also feature a live-horn section, showing a band becoming more comfortable expanding & pushing their sound.

‘Why Oh Why’, ‘Boy King’ & ‘No Roots’ all bring L.A.B’s roots/reggae experience to the front, creating tracks which instantly feel like classic summer sing-alongs. ‘Never Give Up’, ‘IJDK’ & ‘My Baby’ bring the harmonies the band have become known for, while ‘Early Bird’ & ‘Natural’ show a softer-side. 

Embracing the eclectic sound that has seen them grow into one of the most sought-after acts in NZ, L.A.B IV further solidifies L.A.B as one of NZ’s hardest-working acts with no signs of slowing down.

In a year which has turned many things upside-down, L.A.B’s strong work ethic has remained. Just prior to L.A.B IV’s release, ‘Why Oh Why’ debuted at Number One on the NZ Official Top 40 Singles Chart, their second number one for 2020 (alongside ‘In The Air’). L.A.B are only the second local independent artist to achieve two Number One singles in a calendar year, and the first local to ever hold Numbers One, Two & Four on the charts at the same time.