She Don't Want Me Love - Swiss

Backyard Beats 24/05/2017

Fresh out of the blocks, Swiss is back with his catchy melodic vocals over production a long way from the smooth reggae you’re used to hearing from the 25 year-old. Produced by the remix king himself, DJ NOIZ. She don’t want me love - out May 23rd on BLK Entertainment was a single initially meant for Swiss’ Mr Slow wind EP. After many years, it has been resurrected and is just a brief taste of what Swiss is bringing in 2017.

Written from the perspective of a young man whose lover has fallen out of love with him, Swiss takes us on his journey of trying to cope with the pain and heartbreak taking us back to the 90’s when men would openly pour their hearts out through music. Also gifting us with a bridge in his traditional Tongan language.

Currently in the process of finalizing a 5-track EP due to release later this year, the release of She don’t want me love is timely heading into the last weeks of NZ music month and is definitely one to sing along to as we go into hibernation over the chill season.