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Lingo - Melodownz, Ant Clemons, Yung Bleu

Teaming up with one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s greatest MC’s JessB, Stan shares a new single today from the new album. Listen to the new single ‘The One You Want (60s Song
22 November 2022 8:23AM

LONE WOLF arrives as MELODOWNZ first full-length project since the rapper's 2018 EP Melo & Blues, and 2017’s breakout mixtape, Avontales, which found the rapper painting a graphic portrait of events based in his cultural melting pot hometown of Avondale, West Auckland. While his Auckland community and Polynesian heritage is always centered at the heart of his art, LONE WOLF finds MELODOWNZ renewing his wairua (energy) by breaking away from the status quo, experimenting with the bounds of his sound, and embarking on a new era of spiritual independence symbolized by the metaphorical lone wolf. 


The album also features new collaborations with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter INK, American rapper/singer-songwriter Bleu, and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and Kanye West collaborator Ant Clemons. 

"This album was such a journey - from writing it in my makeshift Auckland studio to linking up with Dj Khalil, Bizness Boi and Denzel Curry in LA. It really opened my eyes musically. I’m a brother from Avondale that started rapping in my bros carport over a few drinks as a teen, so to be making music with some of the genres most iconic rappers and producers - even funk godfather Bootsy Collins, I’m beyond grateful.

Portraying personal themes of wisdom, maturity, and independence by way of his vivid storytelling and razor-sharp lyrical prowess, on his debut album, LONE WOLF, MELODOWNZ undergoes immense growth as both an artist and as a man.