Stan Walker 'New Takeover'

Backyard Beats 08/06/2017

Aotearoa’s very own, STAN WALKER, has released his prolific music video for his new single NEW TAKEOVER. Watch the video HERE.

Stan’s career spans over eight years, he has won countless awards and sold over 100k records. NEWTAKEOVER is the next chapter in his music journey.

This new release is the beginning of a new journey for Stan, drawing inspiration from his cultural heritage and highlighting a change in society.

NEW TAKEOVER, in Stan’s own words, is “my coming of age where I am hopefully wiser, more honest and a lot more outspoken in every way...

“It’s a song for all the underdogs, the minorities, the outsiders and the indigenous people who don’t have a platform to speak or express who they are and their truth.

“I’ve been held at bay for years as a result of the way I look, talk, sing, create and express my own truth.

“Now is my time to come through with all my colours, scars, imperfections, pain, love, joy. All of it is who I am and where I am now... 

“At the end of the day I only have myself.... 

“This song was birthed out of a place of frustration and the burning desire on my heart to speak to the people, my people. People of the land and all people who need this like I needed this.

“Anything before this was trial and error, but necessary for this to happen. This is a first where the world can see who I am now and what I am capable of.”