Parris Goebel’s in Uganda with World Vision visiting refugees

What's Fresh 01/05/2018

Parris Goebel is currently overseas in Uganda with World Vision visiting refugees to promote the '40 Hour Famine'. 

Parris took to her Instagram to explain what she will be doing over there: 

Over the next couple of days, I will be visiting the refugee settlements and seeing the challenges they face and exactly how we can help through the @40hourfaminenz

Parris is keen to raise $10,000 for the 40hour famine, but her overall goal is for Kiwis to get behind the cause and raise over $2 million!

I’m trying to raise $10,000 alone but my goal for NZ is to raise $2 million.

You can support Parris here.

While in Uganda, Parris did what she does best! Check out this video of Parris dancing with children around Uganda: 

 It's awesome to see Parris supporting a great cause.