Dude spends his student loan on billboards trying to get Kanye’s attention

Hip Hop Hollywood 14/05/2018

22-year-old London student, Harry Dry, clearly thought that education wasn't really working out for him. Harry had the idea to use his government money for something more 'useful' in trying to get a job. He spent his student loan on billboards asking Kanye West to hire him.

The billboards cost $6,900 in total ($9,899 NZD), which was paid for in a combination of both University Maintenance Loan (which is used as an accommodation supplement for students in the UK), and money Harry saved from his job as a freelance web developer.

You've got to give Harry credit for giving it a go. No word if Kanye West has seen the billboards yet. 

Hope you get to kick it with Kanye Harry.