List of new emoji's likely to be coming in 2018

trending 08/12/2017

A list of the new proposed emoji for 2018 has been released - along with a new feature for existing emoji.

Soon you may be able to flip the message icons to face the other direction, Emojipedia developer Unicode says.

The developer says it's been a long-requested feature, which will only affect the emoji that will "benefit from it the most".

"Emoji with glyphs that face to the right or left may face either direction, according to vendor preference, however, that can cause a definite change in meaning when exchanging text across platforms." Unicode says

New emoji include supervillains, toilet paper, cupcakes, leafy greens, bagels, an overheated face and a face with pleading eyes. See the full list here.

However some proposals have already been canned - including a frowning pile of poo, mango and redheads.

Final decisions will be made at the Unicode Technical Meeting in January for roll out on major platforms in late 2018.

SOURCE: Newshub.